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We, the HAM Radio Society, is an official association of students of NIT Hamirpur, aims at spreading awareness, relevant information about HAM Radio and other communication devices. Integrating existing technologies with HAM, making them much more reliable and cheap is our primary objective. Innovating the way internet connects things by making use of HAM radio, making new Hams, providing technical support to the novice in this field, providing emergency communication during disasters are our few of the future prospects. Bridging technology is the way we work. Continue reading “About”

Applications of HAM Radio

This Nimbus HAM Radio Society presents workshop on Applications of HAM RADIO aimed at making people aware as well as well acquaint with all technical aspects of HAM Radio. HAM Radios are rarely acknowledged to be a technology of great use and wide applicability, so, we, the HAM Radio Society consider this as our sole responsibility to change the scenario. Treading on the same pathway, we are organizing this workshop to be hosted by Mr. Sandeep Baruah and Mr. Atanu Dasgupta, both of them being highly renowned and well known faces in the HAM world. The workshop is scheduled on 7th April, 2017 at 10 in the morning. Starting from the basics, the workshop shall gradually move towards the advanced level while alluring everyone with the facts and figures about this intriguing technology. 
Practical Session
1. Long distace communications using Ham Radio
2. Email and data transfer using APRS
 3. During this workshop we shall guide the students to assemble a simple shortwave band HF transceiver which works on 40m short wave band on 7 MHz [ near to the 41m band as seen on our ordinary MW/Short Wave AM/FM radio receiver sets ] with very low power and also demonstrate the antenna installation procedure .

About The Experts

Mr. Atanu Dasgupta


Mr. Atanu Dasgupta Academically, an electrical engineer specialized in telecommunication and energy, he is currently working as an independent consultant. He has been a licensed ham operator since 1973 and has been promoting ham radio among young enthusiasts since then only. He has actively been pursuing the idea of home brewing and would be demonstrating his latest homebrewed equipment at NIT Hamirpur.

Mr. Sandeep Baruah


Scientist-E   Vigyan Prasar                                                                                                   Autonomous Body under the Deptt. of Science & Technology  Govt. of India

A very well recognized face in the HAM world, he has actively been promoting ham radios all across the country since years. currently serving as a scientific officer at Vigyan Parisar, he has delivered many lectures at many colleges. this April he is paying a gracious visit to NIT Hamirpur to allure the minds of NITians with his great thoughts and his knowledge about the amateur radio.

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